Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Smit N Shah

Article # 8
Comcast ads on target market

Comcast is currently the largest provider of cable services in the United States. They offer services in broadband cable, broadband cable, digital content, broadband phones and content as part of their service packages. In the recent years they have been acquiring a lot of major cable providers. They have also acquired some telephone providers and internet providers along the road. They acquired Adelphia cable in 2005.

Some of their most recent advertisements on cable have been about how their advertising service provides you a target market. They have been playing the same single commercial at regular interval on prime time television. The commercial starts of with a dumbbell flying in the air with a swoosh sound. For the first two seconds, the dumbbell keeps flying to indicate the distance it is going and then it hits a black male walking alongside a black female on the side walk. The black male has a white and red band on his chest hanging over from his neck indicating a target sign. It then shows a serious of people in different setups each having a target sign hanging over their necks. The concept is simple; we will help you find customers in your target market. The message is clearly conveyed via their commercial.

I think that it is a great commercial. Their content is simple and easy to understand. The manner in which they present it is very appealing. Almost all business owners can associate themselves to the pain of being able to target their advertisements only to their target market, whereby they can decrease the marketing expense and have more qualitative return on their marketing expenses. As a business owner, one would be tempted to try out their service and see how the returns are. For a company that needs to target a market based on property prices (ex: Accordion Hurricane Shutters), this model would be a blessing. Also it could be targeted to students by only showing it in areas near schools, etc. This idea of being able to broadcast your campaign to your target customers is an awesome concept and sure to be successful.


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