Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Useful Visual Studio shortcut keys

Shortcuts Association
F8/Shift-F8 Navigate compilation errors
Ctrl-D Move to mini-buffer
Ctrl-Shift-G in mini-buffer or Open file name in mini-buffer (Ctrl-O seems to open stuff Ctrl-Shift-G does not)
Ctrl-O in mini-buffer
"> command" in mini-buffer Execute command
Ctrl+/ Move to mini-buffer, typing the leading > for you
Ctrl-Alt-A Open the command window
Ctrl-PageUp in HTML Design View Open source view
Ctrl-PageDown in HTML Source View Open design view
F7 in Form Design View Open source view
Shift-F7 in Form Source View Open design view
Ctrl-Alt-L Solution Explorer
F4 or Alt-Enter Properties of selected item
Ctrl-Shift-B Build
F5 Debug
Ctrl-F5 Run, but not debug
Ctrl-Alt-J Object Browser
Ctrl-Shift-C Class View
Ctrl-Space when typing a symbol Complete the symbol you're currently typing or give you a choice of possibilities
Ctrl-Space when entering arguments Show the function prototype
"-" (no quotes) as the name of a menu item Menu item becomes a separator
Ctrl-K Ctrl-F Reformat selection
} Reformat scope being closed
Ctrl-K Ctrl-C Comment out selected lines
Ctrl-K Ctrl-U Uncomment selected lines
Ctrl-} Match braces, brackets or compiler directives
Shift-Ctrl-} Select match between braces, brackets or compiler directives
Ctrl-L or Shift-Del or Delete entire line
Ctrl-X w/ no selection
Ctrl-Del Delete next "word"
Alt-F6 Next visible pane (not for use with all windows unpinned)
Ctrl-Shift-F12 Jumps to next *whatever*, depending on what's active, e.g. next find result, next task, next error, etc.
Ctrl-"-"/Ctrl-Shift-"-" (no quotes) Jumps to last/next place you worked
Ctrl-C in the Class View Copies fully qualified name to the Clipboard
Ctrl-M Ctrl-M Collapse or expand a region or outlined block (as marked by the [+] and [-] on the left hand side of the editor).
Ctrl-M Ctrl-O Collapse everything in the current file
Ctrl-M Ctrl-L Expand everything in the current file
F12 Jump to the current symbol's declaration
Ctrl-G, line #, Enter or Jump to line
Ctrl-D, line #, Ctrl-G
Ctrl-I/Ctrl-Shift-I + string Incremental search for string
Ctrl-R+Ctrl-R Turn on/off word wrap
Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow Scroll window up/down without moving the cursor away from the current line
Shift+Alt+Arrows Column selection (include of line selection)
(Alt+Mouse works, too)

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